Virat builds

we provide structural plans & their drawings

The structural plan drawings show the foundation, floor, and roof plan of the building.

we are giving structural drawings at their critical joint.

we provide elevation for building from all sides gives best look to building. so it feels like we are living in palace. Elevation with best colour combination and that colour and material easily available in market in minimum price.

Our contribution to provide best 2d plan for any buildings in minimum price as per the customer's conditions. we are make to give best plan with standard or client requirements about room sizes.

We are giving 2-D as well as 3-D plan for plumbing in minimum price. This plan is very important plan in building construction.

We are best to give good appearance to the building with lights by giving electrical plan. we provide electrical plan for any buildings in efficient rate.

This plan gives location of column. we are giving this plan with architectural plan as per the client's requirement. We are giving this plan with good understanding so anyone can read location of column at the site.

This work includes heating,ventilation,air conditioning work. This work require much time but we are giving plan for HVAC in optimize time.

This plan shows beams location on the column in the plan. we are very good to give best design about cantilever beam with their drawings. This plan gives by the only civil engineers, because they have very good knowledge about structure.

This plan gives actual dimension and area of plot size.

We are giving area plan for build up area.

This plan shows location of plot in that particular area.

It shows the particular plot is surrounded by how many number of roads & plots.

It gives idea about opening of main door according to the road.

We are place layout for buildings as per the center line plan.

We are very good for placing layout on the site.

We have good practical knowledge to work on the site.

All above mention our services have equal importance.

Estimate & costing have separate importance in planning of building.

This gives balance sheet of construction cost without labour cost.It includes material cost only.

We will try to make your building's construction in economical rates.

1)All above services we are doing with help of licensed software like


2) We are happy for our contribution in your building construction.

3) We are trying to fulfill yours requirement.

4) We are doing all services in efficient rate

5) We are working on basis of client's requirement.

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9) We are not giving chance for complaint if you have any doubt

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